BP-950G Canon Compatible High Capacity Battery

for Canon XH-A1, GL2, Comer LBPS-900 Light

Brand new 100% Canon BP-950G compatible Li-Ion rechargeable battery. High capacity battery rated 5200mAh, Work with all Canon BP-900 series batteries and chargers.
Contains overcharge protection with built-in battery life microchip. No memory effect. Low impedance battery design.
Compatible with camcorders
   Canon GL1, GL2
   Canon XM1, XM2
   Canon XL1, XL1S, XL2, XL2S
   Canon XL-H1, XL-H1A, XL-H1S, XL-G1, XL-A1, XH-A1, XH-G1
   Canon ES420V, Canon ES75. Canon ES8200V, Canon ES8400V, Canon ES8600, Canon Ultura, Canon Vistura
   Canon VL-10Li Video Light
   Comer CM-LBPC900 Video Light
12 months warranty



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