BP-970G Canon Compatible High Capacity Battery

for XH-A1, GL2, Canon VL-10 Light

Brand new 100% Canon BP-970G compatible Li-Ion rechargeable battery. High capacity battery rated 7200mAh, Work with all Canon BP-900 series batteries and chargers.
Contains overcharge protection with built-in battery life microchip. No memory effect. Low impedance battery design.
Compatible with camcorders

  • Canon GL1, GL2

  • Canon XM1, XM2
  • Canon XL1, XL1S, XL2, XL2S
  • Canon XL-H1, XL-H1A, XL-H1S, XL-G1, XL-A1, XH-A1, XH-G1
  • Canon ES420V, Canon ES75. Canon ES8200V, Canon ES8400V, Canon ES8600, Canon Ultura, Canon Vistura
  • Canon VL-10Li Video Light

12 months warranty



Posted by Marc on 9/10/2009 1:35:00 PM How long does this battery last in an XH-A1

Replied by LA Color Pros It lasts about 3 to 3.5 hours in continous recording mode with LCD screen open.
Posted by Jeff on 9/27/2010 10:20:00 PM Will this battery work with the new XF300 camera?

Replied by LA Color Pros Hi Jeff--Yes this battery will work the the new XF300 camera.
Posted by Kelly Olsen on 8/25/2011 5:37:00 PM I recently bought one of these for my Canon A1s and it works great, Shot well over a full hour with the LCD on and the battery didn't register any reduction in power.
Great service and price from L.A. Color Pros.

Replied by LA Color Pros Kelly, thank you for your comment. Hope we can serve you again soon. - Michael
Posted by Bill on 12/23/2011 3:09:00 AM Is this pack compatible with the XF-100 and is it decoded to display remaining time on screen (like the BP-827 I bought from you is for my HF-M31) Thanks!

Replied by LA Color Pros XF-100 accepts BP-900 series battery. This battery will work with the XF-100 camcorders.
Posted by jen on 7/6/2012 5:48:00 PM I would also like to know (like Bill) if the battery displays the remaining time on screen. Thanks!

Replied by LA Color Pros Jen, yes our BP-970G battery will communicate with camera to show remaining battery level on LCD screen.
Posted by William on 6/14/2015 6:51:00 PM Can this battery be charged in Canon's retail XF-100 battery charger (the one that comes with the camera)?
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