Cam Caddie Camcorder Stabilizing Handle

Cam Caddie The Scorpion. Universal Stabilizing Camera Handle.

(Camera not included)
Now it is possible to capture the action from any angle, with improved stability and versatility.
Cam Caddie is perfect for sports, crowd shots, and those hard to reach angles allowing the camera operator to make quick and sudden movements in a smooth fashion.
Multi-angle positioning plate to achieve perfect balance. Additional clearance allows use of microphones and/or lights.
Constructed from durable ABS plastic. Strong & Light weight. Soft polymer grip for added comfort.
Lifetime Guarantee Made in USA Capture the Action!
   Improves stability & versatility of all video cameras.
   Great for action shots, crowd shots or hard to reach angles.
   Allows the camera operator to make quick & sudden movements in a smooth fashion.
   Multi-Angle positioning plate to achieve the perfect balance with most cameras.
   Has enough clearance to allow for most microphone & light attachments.
Test Shooting with the Cam Caddie



Posted by Kees van Duijvenbode on 11/3/2009 7:39:00 AM Hello. Ik can see this handle working out good for low level shots with my HV30. Then you can hold the handle with your arm straight down and the point of gravity (the cam) below it. But I cannot see this work well when you want to shoot at a higher level. How would you hold the handle whith your arm up? At the back with one hand as a gun maybe? That would not be helping in making stable shots.
I'm very curious. I would like to see some samples of this handle being hold (if you get what I mean).

Replied by LA Color Pros The Cam Caddie works very well at angle up. It works just as well if you have to hold up the Cam Caddie waist up. If you need to shoot angle down, you can actually mount the camera at the bottom of the Cam Caddie and hold it upside down.
Posted by Deb G. on 1/4/2010 2:56:00 AM I'm not sure I understand your reply, Taky. I'm very interested in this. My hands are actually pretty shaky and I get bad footage unless I use a tripod - which is not always practical. I saw your Test Shooting videos, but I'm wondering if you have any pictures/video of yourself while using the Cam Caddie in different positions and with the camera mounted in different ways?
Thanks, Deborah

Replied by LA Color Pros Hi Deb, Cam Caddie isn't really a stablizer. It's more of a handle that help stablizer a little bit.
There're two ways to mount the camera to Cam Caddie. You can mount it as shown in the photo. That's good for shooting video angle up. You can also mount the camera upside down at the bottom of Cam Caddie so you can hold up Cam Caddie to shoot over a crowd of people.
Posted by 24Peter on 4/6/2010 9:14:00 AM Taky - can I use this with my 5DII or T2i? How much clearance between the top of a DSLR and the bottom of the handle (since I often mount a mic on my camera's hot shoe.)

Replied by LA Color Pros 24Peter, it measures 5.5" from the top of the platform to the bottom of the top handle bar. I also have customers use these adapter to mount accessories on the side,
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