Panasonic AY-DVM63AMQ Advance Master Tape 5-Pack

Advance Master Quality Tapes, 63 Minutes, For DV and HDV Recording, 5-pack

For DV and HDV recording. the AMQ Series offers advancements in eliminating drop-outs and clogging, and increasing durability in still image playback in comparison to previous Panasonic professional DV tape.
A newly-developed lubricant and a durable diamond-like carbon (DLC) film with extra thickness dramatically boosts durability during still image playback. These advanced production technologies allow the AMQ tape to stand up to the repeated rewinding, fast-forwarding and playback typical of professional editing.
The new series offers a new surface treatment process (Super Advanced Metal Evaporation or S-AME) for improved magnetic density and an increased output level of +1.2dB, resulting in a more precise and secure recording.



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