TakyBox Web Hosting with Domain Name Registration for 1 Year

TakyBox Web Hosting Service with Domain Name Registration for 1 Year

TakyBox is a HTML menu generator for USB and online delivery. However, to deliver your TakyBox project online, videos will be streamed from YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox. To main your own brand identity, you will need to upload TakyBox core files to your own web site using FTP.
Several template based web hosting service such as WIX and SquareSpace does not provide FTP service. To tackle this problem, LA Color Pros offers a web hosting service ONLY for TakyBox users.
In order for us to host Takybox content, we will need to register a new domain name that is of your choice. For example if your studio web site is
We will recommend a web site domain name such as
The new domain name will resemmble your current studio name. As an added benefit, since TakyBox will allow hyperlinking your project pointing back to your business web site, this additional domain will create BACK LINK that will increase SEO ranking.
This service includes
   Register a new domain name for 1 year
   Hosting TakyBox projects for 1 year.
Once setup, we will need to setup either a Dropbox share account so we can upload the content for you using FTP. Or we can assist you to setup FTP for you so you can upload content to the web hosting server directly.
For more information, please contact us at info@lacolorpros.com



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12-Month Subscription
US$ 79.00
(Only 6.58 a Month)

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