TakyBox for USB Delivery (12 Month)

12-Month subscription of TakyBox Console to deliver projects exported for USB delivery.

Introductory Price at $14 per month. Regular price is $19 per month.

TakyBox is a new way to generate HTML5 menus that works on PC, Mac, iOS and Android platform. Users do not need to have any coding or HTML experience or knowledge. It can be wired easily with the TakyBox Console.


TakyBox Version 3

The latest version TakyBox V3, added superior power to TakyBox and the TakyBox Console. All current TakyBox users will be getting TakyBox version 3 upgrade for free. Here's a list of new feature added to TakyBox 3.
   Supports Vimeo, YouTube and Dropbox streaming
   More button selection style
   Menu buttons can be aligned left, right, center
   Menu text with dark and light theme font support
   Playlist feature for one button to play a list of videos
   Chapter mark creation for long video playback
   Video playback loop feature, for bridal show or trade show display
   Added play control to go previous and next clip
   Saving previous projects for revision and re-export later.
   Playback password protection
   Search engine blocking for private projects
   Add textbox overlay. Add any additional message floating on the menu screen.
   Add project or video share icon for social media.
   Add support to TakyBox HDMI Stick for TV Playback
   New and colorful loading screen animation
   Compatibility to Microsoft Internet Explorer and EDGE browser.
   International language support including latin, Far East (Chinese, Japanese Korean, Thai, Vietnamese), French, Spanish etc.

How to Deliver? (Depends on Subscription Level)

There are 3 ways to deliver your TakyBox project to your clients.
   Online Delivery
   USB Drive
   TakyBox HDMI Stick for TV Playback.



For Online delivery, videos need to be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox. You will also need to upload the TakyBox HTML files to your own website (Contact us if you are not familiar with the process). In that case, you can maintain the branding of your studio. Playback can be anywhere in the world where internet presence. This is one example of a wedding film we delivered


To deliver your project on USB drive, includes all the video files on the same USB drive. User can double click the start HTML file frmo the USB drive. Menu and video playback is all inclusive within the browser working offline. No internet is needed.

TakyBox HDMI TV Player

USB Flash Drive is not universal to TV. Many TV USB Port does not have video playback capability. With the TakyBox HDMI Stick TV playback, it is entirely for TV playback the TakyBox project. Simply copy the exact same content as USB delivery mentioned in the USB export, connect the HDMI Stick to any TV's HDMI port. Your TakyBox project menu will be displayed automatically without any user interaction. With the included remote control, the TakyBox HDMI stick can completely replace the need of DVD or BluRay to watch your film on any big screen TV.

Service Included

TakyBox Console with USB Delivery (Included)

Deliver project on USB Flash Drive of your choice. After customizing project in TakyBox Console, export the project as ZIP file. Unzip the content to copy to a USB drive. Then copy your local video files to the same USB drive for delivery.

TakyBox HDMI TV Player (Add-on)

TakyBox HDMI TV Player is the next generation plug and play device for movie viewing on television. it connects to any TV's HDMI port powered by any USB port.
For TakyBox Console USB subscribers, your film can be watched on any television with an HDMI port. It will load your TakyBox project main menu automatically without any user settings or interactions. With the included remote control, TakyBox HDMI Stick can completely replace the need for DVD and BluRay for TV play back.


Service Not Included

TakyBox Console with Online Delivery (Not Included)

After customizing project in TakyBox Console, Project can be deployed to the cloud being delivered to your client online. The project will be hosted at TakyBox.com. The link URL will be in this format

For example, the following is a final product delivered to customers


Embedding Playback (Not Included)

Project can also be embedded to your own web site preserving your own branding with the embedded HTML code provided. This is an example of embedded playback


Hosting Options (Add-On)

Hosting with different domain name can be added as add-on. For example, to deliver project with a customer project based domain name such as,

or deliver project with a customer company domain name* such as

* New domain name registration is required. It cannot be an existing domain. For projects deliver under your existing domain name, TakyBox Console USB subscription is required. Upload also USB Export using FTP programs to your web hosting account. Check with your current web hosting company for more info on usage of FTP.



What's Next After Purchase

After purchase, we will send you an email within 24 hours to confirm your business/studio name. TakyBox licensed to each studio. Your company name will appear on the top right of each menu screen in 15 point size, 70% transparency. User will not be able to change the studio name.
If you do not receive such email after 24 hours, please contact us at info@lacolorpros.com.
Please be aware this is a software item that is non-refundable. Please view all the tutorial/demo videos below to see if this product is right product for your business.


TakyBox Video FAQ




Posted by Sajeev Raghavan on 3/10/2017 5:25:00 AM Hi,
Do you supply the software to the UK? I am looking for usb menu solution for my weddings. Also interested in the HDMI kit.
How much will it cost for menu software and HDMI kit.
Sajeev Raghavan
Posted by Bernabe on 9/3/2017 10:06:00 AM Quiero comprar una licencia mensual de 14 dolares y no puedo realizar el pago tengo tarjeta visa internacional prepaga y cuenta en paypal

Replied by LA Color Pros Thank you for your message. TakyBox service bill annually. It accepts any credit card or paypal payment even if the payment is international.
Posted by Alcir B on 3/21/2018 6:39:00 PM oi , gostaria de mais informação .
1-quero criar minhas mídias e entrega-las em um pindrive (usb) e
também online para os clientes .
gostaria de conhecer o software.

Replied by LA Color Pros TakyBox offers this web service that include delivering DVD style menu with your video both online and USB delivery.
Posted by Alcir on 3/22/2018 10:41:00 AM Hi, I'm trying to subscribe, but I would like more details, information
there is, some test that I can do, sums up some project,
I can see on my tv,
What is the value of the accessory to connect to my TV?
where I buy
I want to intregate my work in usb driver, but watch on my tv.
I have a project to deliver and would like to deser with the software of voices
Thank you Alcir
Posted by Leonardo Escamilla on 1/5/2020 12:24:00 PM
How can I get a free trial if I do not have a website I am starting in this business and I am interested in updating myself and it does not train on DVD but on USB
como puedo obtener una prueba gratis si no cuento con pagina web voy iniciando en este negocio y me intereza actualizarme y no entregra ya en dvd sino en usb.

12-Month Subscription
US$ 168.00
(Only 14.00 a Month)

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