Canon compatible BP-745 Li-Ion Battery for Canon VIXIA Camcorders

New decoded Canon compatible batteries for Canon VIXIA HF-M, HF-R series camcorders

New decoded BP-745 intelligent li-ion rechargeable battery rated at 4500mAh. It contains a decoded info-chip that communicate with the camcorder which shows remaining time on camcorder LCD. The BP-745 can be charged using Canon original battery charger as well as through a camcorder using a power adapter.
The BP-745 is fully compatible with the following Canon camcorder models:
   Canon VIXIA HF M50, HFM50
   Canon VIXIA HF M500, HFM500
   Canon VIXIA HF M52, HFM52
   Canon VIXIA HF R30, HFR30
   Canon VIXIA HF R300, HFR300
   Canon VIXIA HF R32, HFR32
   Canon VIXIA HF R40, HFR40
   Canon VIXIA HF R42, HFR42
   Canon VIXIA HF R400, HFR400
   Canon LEGRIA HF M52, HFM52
   Canon LEGRIA HF M56, HFM56
   Canon LEGRIA HF M506, HFM506
   Canon LEGRIA HF R38, HFR38
   Canon LEGRIA HF R36, HFR36
   Canon LEGRIA HF R306, HFR306
The battery replaces Canon part number BP-709, BP709, BP-718, BP718, BP-727, BP727, BP-745, BP745.


   Shows remaining time on camcorder LCD
   100% compatible with Canon original charger
   Ultra higher capacity in runtime compared to original battery packs
   Premium Li-Ion Cell
   Absolutely no memory effect so that you can charge battery at anytime
   Low impedance battery design
   12 months warranty
   Output Volts: 3.6v
   AmpHours: 4500mAh
   Color: Black



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