RODE PinMic Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone (Long Pin Version)

Unique lapel style pin-through microphone that attaches to clothing and fabric almost anywhere.

This is the RODE PINMIC LONG-PIN version works especially well with thicker jacket.

While lapel microphones are the industry standard for close-miking presenters and talent, their placement on a collar or lapel can be distracting. The RDE PinMic features a detachable capsule head that mounts onto three pins on the microphone backplate, providing a discreet alternative that can be located almost anywhere on a wide range of clothing and fabrics.
The included water resistant pop filter and mini-furry for high wind protection ensure quality recordings in adverse environments, while the anti-trauma water resistant case provides rugged and secure protection for the microphone, cables and accessories.
Knowing that versatility is paramount in any product, RDE has developed the MiCon connector system which provides seamless integration between all of RDE's compact wearable microphones and a wide range of wireless systems. Visit the MiCon product page for a full list of available adaptors and the supported devices.



   Power : Min 2V - Max 5V through MiCon wireless adaptors P48 through MiCon XLR adaptor
   Acoustic Principle : Permanently polarised condenser
   Directional Pattern : Omni-directional
   Frequency range : 60Hz - 18kHz
   Output impedance : 3kO Typical
   Signal noise ratio : 69dB
   Equivalent noise : 25dBA SPL (per IEC651)
   Maximum SPL : 110dB (clipping SPL)
   Maximum output voltage : 189mV (Calc. from max SPL peak before clip)
   Sensitivity : -33.5dB re 1 V/Pa (21mV @ 94dB SPL) 3dB @ 1kHz
   Weight : 10gm
   Dimensions : 16mmH x 22mmW x 33mmD

Requires RODE Micon-2 Connector for connecting to 3.5mm stereo plug.

Demo Videos

Special thanks to Chad Johnson authorized us to post his awesome videos here





Posted by jeff on 8/22/2011 4:26:00 PM For weddings, would you want to poke a hole through a $1000 suit?
blondandfun from

Replied by LA Color Pros The PinMic has 3 very fine pins that go through the fabric of the suit. I have used them on groom's suit for the past 2 weddings. There is no hole left on the suit.
It's a smart design that wire is left behind the clothes goes to the pocket of the suit. The microphone cap is very discrete that people won't notice it is a microphone connected like a news reporter.
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