AHDBT-301 Compatible Li-Ion Battery for GoPro HD HERO3

GoPro Compatible AHDBT-301 rechargeable battery for HD HERO3 cameras

Rated at 1200mAh, AHDBT-301 battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. It is tested for high performance and safety. It can be charged with either the original GoPro HD HERO3 battery charger or with any our AHDBT-301CHG charger.
The battery works with the following GoPro video camera models:
   Gopro HD HERO3 White Edition
   Gopro HD HERO3 Black Edition
   Gopro HD HERO3 Silver Edition
Best replacement for the battery part number AHDBT-301, AHDBT301.



   100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment, including chargers
   Premium Li-Ion Cell
   Absolutely no memory effect; you can charge battery at anytime
   Low impedance battery design
   12 months warranty


   Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
   Capacity: 1200mAh
   Output Volts: 3.7v



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