Charger Kit for GoPro HERO3 AHDBT-301 GoPro Hero3 Battery

Smart charger for AHDBT-301 GoPro Hero3 Camera

New AHDBT-301-CHG "Smart" battery charger set comes with both a wall charger and an auto cigarette lighter adapter (car charger) and provides quick charging for AHDBT301 GoPro HD HERO3 camera batteries. AHDBT-301 battery charger features world-traveler input voltage of 110v-240v, smart circuit design, and LED indicators with automatic current control to protect battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock.
This battery charger works with the following GoPro video camera models:
   Gopro HD HERO3 White Edition
   Gopro HD HERO3 Black Edition
   Gopro HD HERO3 Silver Edition


   100% compatible with original manufacturer equipment, including batteries
   Microprocessor control charge
   Overcharge protection
   LED indicators for "Power" and "Charging Full"
   Universal voltage input: 110v-240v
   Comes with a free car adapter
   CE certified and UL listed
   24 months warranty


   Input voltage: AC 110V~240V
   Charge: GoPro AHDBT-301 Battery
   Weight: 5.0 oz



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