Sony Compatible BP-U95 Battery for Sony EX1/EX3

Flexible alternative to the expensive Sony BP-U30 battery.

BP-U95 is designed to replace Sony BP-U30 battery for the Sony PMW-EX1 camcorder. Rated at 14.8v, 95wh high capacity delivers longer shooting time than the original Sony BP-U30 battery.
The BP-U95 effectively supports professional video shooting in both the field and the studio. Four LED indicator and a "Check" switch is located on the front/top of the battery so you can easily check the remining capacity.
Battery fits into EX-1 and EX-3 battery slot and can be charged by Sony BC-U1 charger or our BC-U1 Compatible Charger. A built-in extended DC cord from the battery is required to connect to the camcorder's AC-in jack to power up the camcorder.

(Picture showing how BP-U65 battery mounted to the camera and cable connection.)
An Anton Bauer D-Power Tap connector and cable is provided for accessory equipment power connection. It can also power Comer CM-LBPS180 On-Camera LED Video Light to take the battery load off the camera light and the overal camera rig.

BP-U65 can power the Comer 1800 light for 5 hours at continuous maximum brightness. BP-U95 can power the Comer 1800 light for 7+ hours at continous maximum brightness.


   Model Number: BP-U90, BL-U90, BP-U95, BL-U95
   Voltage 14.8v
   Capacity 95wh / 6.6Ah
   Dimension: 42 x 70 x 131 mm
   Weight: 650g
   Package include U95 battery and one 8" D-tap cable

Special Notice Regarding Charging with Sony BP-U1 Charger

In order to charge this battery with the Sony BP-U1 charger comes with the Sony EX1/EX3 charger, the short DC cord needs to be plugged back to the battery holder. Otherwise, the battery will not be charged.



Posted by Vaughan Wood on 4/7/2010 3:58:00 AM I was trying to find out the weight difference between the
BP - U65 and BP-U95 batteries, but the specs on the U95 page quote the U65 model and same weight as U65 page?

Replied by LA Color Pros Thank you for your message. It was a typo and we have corrected the specifications. U65 is 500g and U95 is 700g in weight.
Posted by Raul on 4/7/2010 9:21:00 PM How long would the Comer CM-LBPS180 light last with either battery? The light spec mentions a max 18w.
So, would the BP-U65 rated 65wh last about 3 and 1/2 hours? Similarly, would the BP-U95 rated 95wh last a bit over 5 hours?
I love this light. I've been using it since July 2009.

Replied by LA Color Pros Hi Raul, I'm glad you like the Comer light. However, at this point, we do not have the information on how long this battery can power the Comer light. With the low power consumption nature of LED technology, I would just say it lasts "forever" =)
Posted by Kenneth Sands on 4/21/2010 11:52:00 PM Ideally I`d like to power a Comer 1800 Sungun occasionally AND run my EX3 at the same time, will this Battery do this? Do I need to order a separate longer cable?

Replied by LA Color Pros This battery can power the EX1/EX3 battery. It has a D-connector that you can power the light at the same time. The comer light comes with a D-tap cable that is long enough for the connection.
Posted by Pushpa on 4/25/2010 7:02:00 PM Hi Teky
Is it possible to charge the battery BP-U95 in Sony BC-U1 charger??

Replied by LA Color Pros From the manufacturer, the BP-U95 and U65 can be charged with the original Sony charger. However, there are reports some Sony chargers in Europe won't charge our battery. We also have our charger that can charge these batteries for sure. They are not expensive either.
Posted by Chris Babbitt on 8/12/2010 12:38:00 PM You say that the BP-U95 will run longer than Sony's BP-U30, but how does the run time compare to Sony's BP-U60? It's difficult to compare using the specs, because yours is rated in watt-hours and Sony's is rated in amp-hours.

Replied by LA Color Pros Chris, U65 has double the capacity of the Sony U30 battery so you can expect about twice the run time as the Sony U30. Our U95 has triple the capacity than the U30. Thus, about triple the run time.
Posted by Andrew Hamilton on 9/1/2010 1:55:00 AM I don't see warranty information listed anywhere. Do these batteries come with a warranty? Will it require shipping the battery back to China if a warranty claim is made?
Andrew Hamilton
Hamilton International Productions

Replied by LA Color Pros It's in our policy page that batteries and chargers has 1 year warranty.
They are shipped from the US and warranty service is covered in the US. Thanks
Posted by Matt on 11/1/2010 9:06:00 PM Will the camera be able to show the remaining recording time left on the BP-U95 battery in the camera's LCD monitor?

Replied by LA Color Pros Matt, the LCD screen will not show remaining time of the battery. However, on the front of the battery, there is a button and 4 LED indicators to show the power level of the battery.
Posted by Igor on 5/13/2011 4:44:00 PM Hello. How can I mount the battery on Comer light? Are there any adapters/solutions for that? I know the battery can power both camera and light; however, I would like the light to be powered separately. Thank you.

Replied by LA Color Pros This battery is meant to be for Sony EX1 and EX3 camcorders. So you can mount the battery at the camcorder but not the light. However, if you need a separate battery to power the Comer light, you can use our Sony compatible NP-F970, NP-F770 or NP-F570 batteries.
Posted by Puneet on 11/14/2011 9:56:00 PM In Specifications section, model no. shown is BP U65 and weight is mentioned of BP U95 i.e 700gm. Please specify the correct information of BP U95, its size, weight , running time etc.

Replied by LA Color Pros Thank you for pointing out the listing typos. We have updated the page content with accurate specifications from the product manual. Thanks
Posted by Puneet on 11/16/2011 3:03:00 AM I was looking battery for EX1R and found your product and it seems to be good. Same time i even get to see Series7 U96 battery.But there is price difference also, so which way to go...

Replied by LA Color Pros We have the BP-U95 and BP-U65. The capacity and size are 2 times and 3 times of the original Sony BP-U30 battery. So it depends on your budget and size you can afford.
Posted by Puneet on 11/18/2011 10:40:00 AM Hello Sir, in your package of BP U95 there is one cable, 8" D-tap cable, what is this cable for....

Replied by LA Color Pros The battery has a D-Tap connector to power other devices such as Comer 1800 LED light.
Posted by Surinder Manku on 1/7/2012 6:46:00 AM I am using Sony PMW-EX3 Camcorder. I want Sony Compatible BP-U95 Battery for Sony PMW-EX3 Camcorder.
1.Will this BP-U95 fitt in the same slot as BP-U60 fits?
2. Can I use Sony Adapter/Charger BC-U1 to Charge the BP-U95 Battery?
I am using COMER CM-LBPS1800 Viodeo Lodht with Input: DC 6.17V .Power consunption 18W.
3.Can I use Sony Compatable NP-F970 InfoLithium L series Li-Ion Rechargeabal Camcorder Battery for longer operation time?
4. At present I am using Model No F550 Battery rechargeable battery fot COMER light. Can I use the same battary Charger to Charge NP-F970 battery? If not do I have to buy Battery Charger for NP-F970 Batter?

Replied by LA Color Pros Surinder, let me answer your question.
1) Our BP-U95/U65 is to replace the BP-U30/U60 battery for EX1/EX3. It will fit to the same slot.
2) You can use the same Sony charge to charge the battery. Just to make sure to plug the short piggy tail cable on the battery back to the battery.
3) Our NP-F970 battery is rated 7200mAh. It powers Comer 1800 light for almost 4 hours continuous at maximum brightness
4) Your charger should charge all L-series batteries including NP-F550/570/730/740/750/770/950/960/970 ...
Posted by Surinder Manku on 1/8/2012 3:16:00 AM Hi,
Thanks for your qick reply to my questions. I confirm having placed my order for the following items:
1. NP-F970 rechargeable batteries=2 Pcs
2. BP-U95 rechargeable battery fo Sony PMW- EX3 Camcorder=1PcCould you please
confirm the earranty on the above items.
Surinder Manku

Replied by LA Color Pros Thanks for placing order. All our battery products carry one year warranty.
Posted by Sachem on 1/31/2012 3:27:00 AM I got a 35W light
can i use your D tape + my ex1 in the same time

Replied by LA Color Pros Sachem, if your light can be powered through D-tap, you can connect your light to this battery and have the same battery to power both at the same time.
Posted by Rich Hinkle on 2/8/2012 12:24:00 PM I am trying to find a way to power my Comer 1800's for longer than the 90 minutes or so I get with the NP-F970 Sony Compatible Rechargeable Batteries I have purchased from
I have requested information from your customer service on A/C adapters, but received no response. The Radio Shack A/C adapter mentioned on another webpage does not work properly. I really would still like to find an A/C adapter if you can help.
If I go the route of the BP-U95 battery, what do I need to recharge this battery?
There is nothing I can find about how to charge this battery on

Replied by LA Color Pros The only AC adapter we have tried with Comer 1800 is the one from Radio Shack described in this page.
This is the charger for BP-U95 battery.
Posted by Sean on 9/5/2012 5:59:00 PM Hi,
Can one use a sony NP-F970 on the EX3 xdcam?

Replied by LA Color Pros Sean, NP-F970 and EX3 batteries are totally different in physical size and rating. They can't be used interchangeably.
Posted by Jeff on 11/17/2012 8:18:00 PM Does the U95 have a MAH value and if so what is it?

Replied by LA Color Pros Jeff, sorry for the late response. The U95 battery has a 6600mAh rating.
Posted by Marko on 1/17/2013 2:14:00 PM I have SONY PMW-150 and Comer 1800. Can I use BP-U95 to power both (at the same time) ?
Posted by Chris Santucci on 6/5/2013 12:56:00 AM I have two of these and they are amazing. I love these batteries. I sometimes use these to power accessories with the D-tap jack.

Replied by LA Color Pros Chris, that's great! Glad you love these batteries. :)
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