TCLED2K High Power 1800 LUX LED Light

High Power 5600K Day Light 1800 Lux LED Light

TCLED2K is a professional powerful low consumption 10-LED on-camera light. It has a solid sturdy built with barn doors and filters to provide maximum flexibility for shooting in different lighting environment. It can also be mounted on any standard light stand without any additional bracket or adapter.


   Professional grade 10-LED light
   Energy saving and environmental friendly design with maximum power consumption at approximately 18W.
   Wide range of irradiation with homogeneous light distribution (90 degree for brand light and 45 degree for spotlight)
   High luminous efficiency maximum at 1800 lux in 1 meter distance
   Adjustable dimmer to control different intensity of brightness
   420g Light weight (excluding battery)
   Default day-light color temperature at 5600K. Switch to 3200K using the built-in filter
   High beam/spotlight setup using the built-in condense lens
   Long life LED lightbulb abotu 10,000 hours usage
   Battery level indicator
   Accept Sony L-Series and compatible batteries.
   Include an D-Tap connector to be used with any external batteries with D-tap socket.


Battery and Charger (Not Included)

TCLED2K LED light uses the NP-F970 Sony compatible battery
NP-F770 Sony compatible battery
NP-F570 Sony compatible battery
BC-V500/BC-V615 Charger
Dual Charger for NP-F Series Batteries

TCLED2K light also include a D-Tap cable that allow the light to be powered with any external battery with D-Tap connector. For example,

Sony Compatible BP-U95 Battery
Sony Compatible BP-U65 Battery
Comer BC-C2 Portable D-Tap Charger



   Input power type: Sony compaitable NP-F770 / NP-F970 battery or B type power cord (DC 6V-17V) / or any external battery with T-tap output
   Maximum power consumption: Approximately 18W
   Maximum luminosity:
1800lux at 1m
200lux at 3m
72lux at 5m
28lux at 8m
18lux at 10m

   Color temperature: 5600K and 3200K selectable
   Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 degree C
   Weight: 420g
   Dimension: 108mm x 150mm x 129mm
   Usage time: 1 hr 30 min using NP-F770 battery
(2 hr using our NP-F770 battery)
2 hr 10 min using NP-F970 battery
(3 hrs to 3.5 hrs using our NP-F970 battery)
1 hr using our NP-F570 battery
7.5 hr using our U95 battery
3.5 hr using our U65 battery


Package Content

   TCLED2K LED Camera Light
   Carrying case
   One D-tap cable
   Instruction manual
   Should strap



Posted by Eric Woolliscroft on 2/23/2017 2:11:00 PM Hello,
This light says 5600K twice in the description....but also says "Switchable color temperature at 4500K or 3200K using the built-in filter"
Can you please clarify the difference between this and a regular Comer 1800?

Replied by LA Color Pros Thanks for your message. It was a typo that we just corrected it. The light is default at day light color temperature at 5600K. Using the top orange filter can switch the output to 3200K.
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