Concern of Using Video Light at Event

Posted on 1/4/2010 3:08:00 AM

Should we worry about bringing video light that might distract the audience from the event?

This is not the first time we heard about this concern. If we bring video light to the event, will we kill the mood? Deb recently also asked the same question in the comment section here,
Before and After - What a Big Difference

To further clarify my position, having just about the right amount of light will bring clean, grain-less video that enhance the final product video quality. With current lighting technology and dimmer control, it indeed enhance the mood of the event. Soft diffused light or spotlight actually create a focal point for the guest to draw their attention to.
With a poorly lit reception room, even on the stage, nobody knows there's a live bang playing there. Here's a good example at the same event.

Now bring to the point whether guest will complain if the light is too bright. With the use of dimmer to project the right amount of light, guests are having their fun. The video light is transparent to them. Check out this clip at the same event,

In this digital age, everybody has digital camera and cell phone. People get used to act in front of cameras. This is another clip from another wedding the you can tell everybody was having fun knowing the camera man is right there taking video.

I think I rest my case :)



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