DSLR User Comments on Comer 1800

Posted on 1/21/2010 2:14:00 PM

Received a note from a Comer 1800 light user.

I just wanted to day how much I am enjoying my 1800 LED light! I am a serious amateur and work in the professional photography software industry. I researched all of the other lights available because LED is clearly the way to go IMO. I was a little suspect of the 3200 filter when viewed to the naked eye, but after seeing my D300 adjust the white balance automatically the results were rather impressive. I've downgraded my main flash SB800 in favor of adding smaller wireless flash units for fill and back lighting.
It is very bright, but a person can keep their eyes open without a noticeable squint when the flash is on full power. This is a much better result than the typical flash cringe for sure. I'd like to see more professional headshots on the website, but I'm sure users will be posting them soon
When shooting my 3 month old baby I leave all but one of the "barn doors" closed, perfect! The car charger and ball unit I have no real use for. It seems a little heavier than my SB800, but with well over 100 minutes of constant light with no battery pack it is a no brainer. I'll try and post some samples after I adjust to direct lighting again.
   I'd like a separate on off switch to use my prior brightness, and maybe in a better location so I can access it from the left or right. Granted with the battery life I can just leave it on.
   It is a little bulky. Just remember to take the battery off before storing it in a bag.
   The corner tabs to open or close the diffuser and spot focus covers should be a little larger.
   I'd like a clip or switch to hold out the focusing filter for the "spot trick."
   A custom gel holder "door" would be fantastic as well (I can DIY but it wouldn't be as slick)
Skyrunr, Albany NY



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