Honeymoon Slideshow with Closed Captioning

Posted on 1/26/2010 9:12:00 PM

Using Flash to read XML file for slideshow closed captioning.

It is just a regularly honeymoon photo slideshow we prepared for the customer as part of the wedding packaging. To optimize my workflow, we asked for 60 photos from the client and have them write a subtitle text file. The text file is then loaded in Excel to export to the proper subtitle format for Flash Closed Captioning and Encore DVD Subtitle.
We wrote the Flash Movie Player (.swf) that will read from the URL the client's name (id=CindyAndrew). Then pulled from an XML file that was generated in Excel with the same name (CindyAndrew.xml).
To repurpose it to another client, we just need to replace all the PSD files in Photoshop. Export the .f4v file in Premiere to the name of the client (e.g. CindyAndrew.f4v). Upload together with the .xml file content from Excel. Boom.. No need to touch any HTML code.
Cindy and Andrew's Honeymoon Slideshow
The logo is also an overlay in Flash. It can be turned off by appending &logo=0 to the end of URL



Posted by nancy Fleming on 3/20/2010 9:06:00 AM great slideshow and timing with fades etc !! good job. by the way, it stopped every 3 or 4 slides, but all I had to do was hit Play again to get it going until it stopped again. Maybe it's the buffering? FYI

Replied by LA Color Pros Nancy, thanks for checking out our video. It is the buffering. You can try the "Standard Definition" link below the video to view a lower bandwidth version.
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