Defending 4500K Color Temperature

Posted on 7/15/2011 1:04:00 PM

Comer 900 and Comer 1800 LED lights default to 4500K Color Temperature. Some customers concern 4500K cannot be used indoor or outdoor without any filter. However, 4500K indeed a great choice. Here's why.

When LED light first came out to the market, they are all manufactured at 5600K color temperature (or Day Light Color Balance). 5600K LED bulbs are cheaper and easy to produce. However, 5600K cannot be used indoor. Hence, a warming filter (orange filter or CTO gel) is needed to lower the color temperature to near 3200K that matches indoor tungsten light color temperature. However, placing any filter in front of the LED will lower the overall brightness (except for the Comer Condense Lens which actually makes the light output brighter). Besides, most of the time we needs camera light indoor in a dim lit room. Not many times we need a light outdoor in a bright day. The fact is, no battery powered LED light can compete with the sun.
Some people also argue you can only use 5600K outdoor and 3200K indoor. However, color temperature is a spectrum. During a sunny summer day, color temperate ranges from 5000K to 6000K. Indoor with different tungsen light and candle light, color temperate can be ranged from 2000K to 4000K.
Comer 900 and 1800 LED light is made at 4500K. It is indeed a good choice. It is good mix between indoor and outdoor. You can use it indoor without any filter. Or you can use in outdoor without any filter.



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