New Battery Products by L.A. Color Pros

Posted on 4/5/2010 10:37:00 PM

Check out our new battery products for sale.

Sony Compatible BP-U65 & BP-U95 for Sony EX1/EX3

Flexible alternative to the expensive Sony BP-U30 battery for Sony PMW-EX1 camcorder. Rated at 14.8v, 65wh and 95wh high capacity delivers longer shooting time tow times and three times than the original Sony BP-U30 battery.
Battery fits into EX-1 and EX-3 battery slot and can be charged by Sony BC-U1 charger. An extended DC cord from the battery is required to connect to the camcorder's AC-in jack to power up the camcorder. Four LED indicator and a "Check" switch is located on the front/top of the battery so you can easily check the remining capacity.

An Anton Bauer D-Power Tap connector and cable is provided for accessory equipment power connection. It can also power Comer CM-LBPS180 On-Camera LED Video Light to take the battery load off the camera light and the overal camera rig.

   Sony Compatible BP-U65 Battery for Sony EX1/EX3
   Sony Compatible BP-U95 Battery for Sony EX1/EX3
   Sony Compatible BG-U1 Charger for BP-U65/BP-U95

LP-E8 Canon Compatible Li-Ion Battery

LP-E8 Li-Ion Rechargeable Camera Battery for Canon EOS Rebel 550D T2i X4
   LP-E8 Canon Compatible Li-Ion Battery
   LC-E8 Canon Compatible Charger for LP-E8 Battery
   LP-E8 Battery+Charger kit for Canon 550D T2i X4

LP-E6 Li-Ion Battery for Canon 5D Mark II and 7D

LP-E6 Li-Ion Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery for Canon EOS 5D Mark II and 7D.
   LP-E6 Li-Ion Battery for Canon 5D Mark II and 7D
   LC-E6 Canon Compatible Charger for LP-E6 Battery
   LP-E6 Battery+Charger Kit for Canon 5D Mark II/7D

Canon BP-827 Fully Decoded Compatible Battery

Contains info-chip that communicate with camera to show battery level and charging.
   Canon BP-827 Fully Decoded Compatible Battery
   Canon BP-827 Fully Decoded Battery+Charger Kit
   CG-800 Canon Compatible Charger



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